About Beau Sapeur

Beau Sapeur is a contemporary fashion house that is firmly rooted in Uganda and produces colourful clothing with a global appeal. We produce sustainable, unique, handmade clothing in classic styles for an international market. Our designs are clean and sharp which really allows the wonderful printed and hand-dyed African fabrics to shine.

Life is short

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We are leading by example to show that it is not just possible to run a clothing company whilst having a positive impact but that this model is what we should all strive for in the future. The high street fashion brands have let us down. We now know of the exploitation of labor in 3rd world countries that goes into mass-produced clothing. We are lovingly crating clothing that positively benefits communities and has a strong identity and meaning behind each piece.

Beau Sapeur will have a positive impact in Uganda by providing employment for tailors from disadvantaged backgrounds, building capacity by funding additional training for new and existing tailors, and raising the profile of designers and tailors in Uganda.

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